Recessed Concrete Gravel Boards

These come in 6ft lengths in either 6 or 12 inch high.

The 6 inch has 2 reinforcing rods running through it and the 12 inch has 3 reinforcing

rods running through. These are 2" thick so as they can fit tight into a recessed post.

There is also a 12" rockface gravelboard available.

Morticed Concrete Gravel Boards

These are 2.88mtrs in length to allow the  arris rails to fit into the morticed posts, they are fitted with cleets which go into the morticed posts which leaves a plate so the gravelboard can be bolted to them.

Wooden gravelboards of the same length can also be used however fixing is different and is attached by 2"x 2" timber 6" long on each side of the morticed post and fixed with a 8" bolt.

Wooden Gravel Boards

There is a standard 6inch x 1inch gravel board 6ft long to be used with the standard 6ft width panels.

All timber materials are treated.

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